01 August, 2007

Icky Thump

I'm going to go and see Jack and Meg live later in the year. I cannot wait.

25 July, 2007


For all you scousers out there: the man, the legend-Steven Gerrard.

Finally this is Bob Seymore, musician and photographer. It's entitled 'Poontang', which is the name of his band. You can find his music over at myspace/poontang, I think. This one's 3'x2' oil on canvas.

This second painting is entitled 'Amartey'. It's the name of the sitter who was one of my most troublesome/ inspirational students over the last two years. Again, 3'x3' oil on canvas.


Here are some Oil paintings from Open Studios. This first one is of my friend, the photogrpaher Martin Salmon. It's entitled 'Salmon on White' and there's a detail shot as well to show the texture of the paint. The painting is 3'x3' on canvas.


Another year gone but I'm still Football (soccer-for Americans out there) crazy and can't stop drawing the players. This trio contains possibly the 3 best players in the Premiership. (Not strictly true as Henry's gone to Barca and there's no Stevie G. Aploogies to Liverpool fans.)

Here are some more images; the green one is called 'New York', the dodgy fella is called 'Camden' and the blue girl is called' Brighton'.

I'm back

After a year of intense teaching, I've got some new work to post. I've now quit teaching and look forward to the new challenge of being an Illustrator.These new works were on display at Cambridge Open Studios. The first is called 'Old Street'.