19 November, 2010

Comic Book Samples

Some more comic book samples. The script is a Marvel Comics 'Son of Satan' script, written by Rob Williams.

03 November, 2010

Open Studios 12/13/14 November

My Open Studios is in just over a week. Please come along and check out my new workspace(and work). Over 100 artists so pop by their studios too. Cheers.
Here's the blurb-
Chocolate Factory Open Studios

Situated within two iconic chocolate factories, in the heart of the 'cultural quarter' in Wood Green, Chocolate Factory is a hub of cutting-edge design, product development and creativity. Its innovative concept has been so successful that it is now being replicated in other European cities and, in one of the largest events of its kind in London, the Factory flings open its doors inviting us to explore and discover the artists within. 

This eclectic and interactive event, with over 100 artists taking part, offers an amazing array of contemporary art and design from leading practitioners in their fields and features internationally acclaimed painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, film-makers and designer-makers. 

Opportunities aplenty present themselves to discover and purchase affordable art and contemporary design, commission a piece or get your portrait painted and, though the chocolate may be long gone, indulging the senses in this annual feast of creativity will happily divert any cravings brought on by the mere mention of the word. Oh, and it's free. 

Chocolate Factory Open Studios
Saturday & Sunday 13/14 November 2010 from 12 noon to 6pm 
at The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6XJ  
020 8365 7500  info@collage-arts.org 

20 August, 2010

The Carp Club

Character designs for the Carp Club. Find out more about it here. Or just go and buy a copy from Amazon.

06 August, 2010


Sorry for the delay. Here's the inked short story written by Ned Hartley. Colours coming soon.

13 June, 2010

New page

New pencils for a short project I'm collaborating on with a writer. All will be revealed soon...

07 May, 2010

Torchwood final

Here's the final Torchwood image. The are two versions and the original black and white image. The reason I put two up is because I really like the one with 'squiggly lines' on it but I think some people might find them intrusive or not in keeping with the otherwise somewhat realistic style. Enjoy both!

Torchwood process

Here's a process breakdown of the Torchwood digital painting. I LOVE digital painting. 
This is why- I'm currently also working on two traditional landscapes(oil on canvas) and there are some days when I'm winning and there are some days when the paint and brushes just won't do what they're supposed to(through no fault of my own! I'm a good workman who blames his tools...). Of course this is part of traditional painting and what makes it so rewarding when it's complete and you've overcome all the obstacles. 
The quick and more instantaneously(is that a word?)gratifying process of digital painting is brilliant though and sometimes makes me wonder why I put myself through the pain of traditional painting. The pros and cons of digital vs traditional painting is something that really interests me and I'm sure I'll keep coming back to it on this blog. 

Anyway, enjoy the process shots. I especially like the earlier ones which look pretty awful. At that stage, you always have moments of 'oh my god, how is this ever going to look like a finished piece?!'
(the last image is a separate single shot of a different character- just in case you thought I decided to change him into a girl at the last minute)

29 April, 2010

Jane Doe in space

Another digital painting in PS CS3. You can see the initial sketch on the previous post. I keep forgetting to record the process, which is something I plan on rectifying asap. I love exploring and viewing processes in painting and illustration and I think it's always interesting to see how an image has unfolded.


Image for an IFX competition with the initial sketches too. I love the initial sketching process as it's so instinctive and instantaneous. The final rendered piece loses some of that energy and movement- it's very hard to retain that quality when you spend a prolonged amount of time on a piece. I think that it's a problem with painting too- the more time you invest in a piece, the more you have to lose and the less willing you are to take risks nearer the end. Tricky...
Done in Photoshop CS3 with my trusty, little Wacom.

Wolverine/ Batman

A couple of pencil drawings of Wolverine and Batman. Good and bad bits on both. I like the movement in the Wolverine piece and I'm happy the rendering on Batman. I do think he looks a bit bored though- like he's just pottering about across rooftops on a Sunday night because he doesn't have any mates to hang out with. Poor fella, he needs a new hobby.

The Judge

Aaah, that's better. So what have I learnt form producing sequential comic pages? It's easier to do one big good drawing than lots of little good drawings. Pretty profound stuff, I know.
This was produced in Photoshop CS3 with my trusty A5 Wacom tablet, for those who are interested.


Some Judge Dredd samples for 2000AD. Am I happy with them? Not entirely but it's been a steep learning curve and my next attempt at sequential pages will be stronger. It's good to see the mistakes(in any artwork) and make sure you learn from them. Take it on the chin and make sure you don't repeat them(a bit like life, really). 

Hulk by Matt Timson

So I showed my Hulk drawing to Matt Timson and he asked if he could have a copy to 'try something out' on it. A few hours later he emailed me this image, which is absolutely awesome! Matt is currently finishing up 'Impaler' for Top Cow Comics. I'm sure he has some more uber-beautiful artwork in the pipeline too... On top of being a great artist, he's a really top bloke and has taken the time to give me lots of useful feedback and advice on my artwork(eg. don't just eat the crayons, Seb- use them.). Cheers Matt. Anyway, that's enough praise and thanks from me. Go and check out his stuff here.


Here's a pencil drawing of the Incredible Hulk. He's a big fella. This is the first piece of penciled comic book art that I'm happy with. More to come...

Comic Book Art-45

Reposting this image, which is my page from the Graphic Novel '45' published by Com.x. If you haven't already bought a copy(and you should, it's written by the astonishing Andi Ewington and includes a host of great artists!) then go here and get one. Do it!