13 July, 2006

Roo two

Here's the finished Rooney. Looking charming and docile as ever having left his stamp(sorry, too easy) on the world cup. He's the new Zidane. In more ways than one...

11 July, 2006


Here's a caricature I've been asked to do. Quite pleased with it although could have exaggerated the features more and loosened up a little bit. Big thanks to Pete for his wonderful comment! Please do leave comments if you visit the blog. I appreciate all kinds of feedback. Cheers.

29 June, 2006


A little sketch of the peerless Wayne Rooney. Isn't he sweet? Come on Wazza, score a hat-trick against Portugal on Saturday and fire us into the semis! Apologies to those just looking at the blog for artistic rather than footballing reasons...


Here's the finished drawing in colour. It's for a special little lady who thinks that Gordon Ramsey is the best thing since sliced bread (sorry about the pun!). I don't know why, I think he looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster, that's why he's easy to draw.

100% digital process

Some shots of my latest doodle at various stages...another day, another style. I wish I could just stick to one but I think I get bored and try different things. Oh well...

24 June, 2006

Open Studios

I'm entering Open Studios in Cambridge this year with some fellow artists. It's on July 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th at Long Road Sixth Form College. The group is known as the Long Road 10 and there will be a variety of work on display, including painting, printmaking, photography and textiles. Come along! Here is some illustration work that I may include in my display. Not sure which ones yet...

WCF process

Here are some shots of various stages of the Ronaldo pic.

World cup funnies...

Getting in the spirit of the World Cup with a few sketches. Here's one of the larger than life Ronaldo; well done to him on being the geatest world cup scorer ever.

12 June, 2006


Right, now I have a vague idea how to use this, here's some more examples of my stuff

08 June, 2006

hooker cover

this is a cover for Hooker I just did...Hooker magazine is a very cool skate/fashion mag available in all good clothes shops (and some bad ones too). I also illustrated an article in the mag. There's loads of great stuff in the mag ranging from clothes, music, art and nonsense! Check it out!

welcome to seb...

hello, this is my blog.