12 June, 2006


Right, now I have a vague idea how to use this, here's some more examples of my stuff


Craggles said...

Well I have to say i'm very impressed with your drawings. They remind me of the Gorillaz and 1, I think reminds me of a Spice Girl! Scary Spice to be precise!

But again, very cool drawings!!!

Laylay said...

Make such a difference to the pieces when you use these textured backgrounds. Really changes how you view the piece; taking it from being just a doodle to a finished piece of work. Think you should look at these a bit more and experiment with textures/colour to introduce to future sketches.

Hanzy-bar-bar said...

I have to agree with "Craggles" on this one, very Gorrilaz like, except looks more like Posh Spice from Spice Girls.

Very edgy and texturised, they almost come alive.

Craggles said...
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Craggles said...

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