07 May, 2010

Torchwood process

Here's a process breakdown of the Torchwood digital painting. I LOVE digital painting. 
This is why- I'm currently also working on two traditional landscapes(oil on canvas) and there are some days when I'm winning and there are some days when the paint and brushes just won't do what they're supposed to(through no fault of my own! I'm a good workman who blames his tools...). Of course this is part of traditional painting and what makes it so rewarding when it's complete and you've overcome all the obstacles. 
The quick and more instantaneously(is that a word?)gratifying process of digital painting is brilliant though and sometimes makes me wonder why I put myself through the pain of traditional painting. The pros and cons of digital vs traditional painting is something that really interests me and I'm sure I'll keep coming back to it on this blog. 

Anyway, enjoy the process shots. I especially like the earlier ones which look pretty awful. At that stage, you always have moments of 'oh my god, how is this ever going to look like a finished piece?!'
(the last image is a separate single shot of a different character- just in case you thought I decided to change him into a girl at the last minute)

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